Stellar to $70 before January | JBPredictions

We're still in the 5th wave.
We bought and HOLD up to January.
Targets: $8, $60, $100

We have to see 2017-2018 movement to see the most likely scenario. This is the last year for buying before 2023.
Keep your money management.

See you!

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Shut up you’re a moron!
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Lmfao $70?
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Why would you look at these patterns on log scale?
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Can’t do that on a log scale. It doesn’t work that way.
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ill move to bel air
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i8myapl Matthewsan
@Matthewsan, And I'll be his next-door neighbor in Bel Air.
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Hansdolo83 i8myapl
@i8myapl, ill wax you lambo
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i8myapl Hansdolo83
@Hansdolo83, I'll wax your Bugatti.
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mo797 i8myapl
@i8myapl, lmao and I can buy all of bel air at $80
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Hype BS again..
There is allways some guys who should be ignored.
this is one of them.. Worthless hype charts.
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