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June 1st, 2023 is the 1:1 time extension from wave A. That means that around that date, we may be at a very good price to buy. It doesn't need to do a full extension, but harmonics usually like these things to line up in some relative fashion. This is why we use the fibonacci sequence. I've noted some relative buy zones in the green boxes. Laddering buys is usually recommended by professionals.

Alright now let me first say that I think Stellar is the real deal, and for good reason. They are one of the only projects completely focused on developing their regulatory compliance while innovating on the network and encouraging new developers to work with them. The "Clawback" (Transaction Reversal) technology is next level, and not something that other blockchains are capable of doing right now. This is a big step in maintaining compliance and being able to actually integrate with conventional regulatory backdrops. Stellar is the dark horse in crypto.

Now, that being said, Biden just released his executive order on crypto.
We are seeing more headwinds than tailwinds right now, so I expect there to be more price declines as exchanges leave and projects shut down that cannot comply with regulatory requirements*. I will note that we are already seeing announcements of projects ( YFI /USDT) shutting down 25 apps/projects with seemingly no notice or good reasoning besides the fact that the developers just got bored! That's Not Good! It seems the fakes and non-committed projects are going to start cracking and running away so be careful out there.

The stock market and bond markets are beginning crashing. This first leg down the bias has still been positive, but now the "buy the dip" mentally is fading and prices at the grocery stores and pump are going up!
The market bias is now starting to flip bearish which will drive the major indices tumbling as the Fed starts raising rates. This all will drive crypto lower as liquidity leaves the systems. I expect you will all see prices you never thought you would see again, but I can't guarantee that.

My advice to any holders is HODL, as long as you're not using leverage or loans or anything. Like I said, prices could fall extremely dramatically because the levels of liquidity via margin debt and leverage that is in the system right now is unprecedented. You need to remember though that if you're a long term holder, this is not a project you should be selling ever IMO. I expect XLM to go to $30 over the next 10 years, so this is gonna be a ride of a lifetime if you can hold on throughout.

This is not trading or financial advice. I'm not telling you to sell any XLM or buy any. I am saying that it could go to 8 cents or maybe even 4 or 5 cents and if it does...I would borrow and invest Heavily at that point.


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