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Hello traders, trolls and delusional moon boyz! I've been promising some realistic analysis on XLM due to a situation that has occured.
I've recently been called a troll by a fellow trading view person, won't even call him an analyst for pointing out that his analysis was not only
way off, but flat out delusional. This person doesn't like when you voice your opinion. What started out as nice corrective criticism has turned into
a tradingview feud with name calling, troll calling, character insulting among other things. Sword of like a bunch of 12 year olds fighting by the
playground. This person was so sure about his analysis, telling people that XLM was going to $50 by January and that anyone who had an opinion against his
claims was basically a troll. I've been called a miserable old man with his fist in the air, told that I'm confused and watch his videos to get advice from him
because I have no idea what's going on. He laughs at people that use elliot wave and you can hear the arrogance in his voice. In his eyes, he thinks
his way is the only way. He measures waves on a log scale rather than a linear scale. LOL.. dumbass. He trolls through my profile and thinks because I don't have a ton of followers or haven't posted in a year that I have no idea what I'm talking about. Well see about that! Can anyone guess who this person might be?

O.K , enough of the nonsense! Here is a series of REAL XLM analysis that I will be posting. Realistic analysis that will keep you in the loop at all times.

Steps to making money!!

1. You have to walk before you can run
2. Always have a plan. Bullish or bearish and never guess or dream.
3. Dollar cost average on entries and exits
4. Always have a favorable risk to reward.
5. Be patient
6. Don't be afraid of being wrong or loosing money. Limit your losses

Now onto XLM . As we can see here, we finished our 5 waves up. I've only labeled the chart so you guys can understand where we are. I didn't lable every single wave. A.W says elliot wave doesn't work and fibonacci retracement is a joke and I'm saying otherwise. This my fucking analysis. I noticed a double top forming at $.80 and had a feeling that we were finished with our five waves. VOLUME ... VOLUME ...VOLUME!! While delusional others were calling for the moon, I noticed a huge ascending wedge forming. If you look at my pitchfork you will see that we have been trading in that channel since we broke out to the upside from $.34 back when we traded sideways for almost 2 months. People saying that we were in wave 3 and heading to $5, $50 and I even heard $160..OMFG. No people, no way! This is not wave 3 volume . We never had wave 3 volume . When 5 waves are done in a trend, I don't care how high or low it could go. I'm looking for a trend change. Boy did we get it. I was able to dump my xlm when we broke the ascending wedge . It wasn't hard, anyone with half a brain knew we were heading to $.48 or lower. $.48 is a key price in this whole scheme of things. Why? It's because $.48 is the very bottom of support within my pitchfork channel. Geez, we busted through it like butter. $.30 was a measured move on the break of the ascending wedge . The moon boyz had stopped off at Pluto to buy some redbull and didn't even see this. AW had his head up his ass, as was too busy fighting off all the trolls defending his bullshit analysis. 100% was lost had you followed certain people. Well, I'm here to put an end to this bullshit and give you guys the truth. It's all free, hit the like button if you want, I really don't care. This is only a taste of what's to come. I will keep it simple and we will be ready for what's to come. I don't give buy or sell signals. I will only guide you guys in the right direction and from time to time tell you what I'm doing. Look at the chart. see where we are and I'm sure you will all make great decisions. Part 2 of series coming!!! Have a great day guys and set your fucking stop losses.


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