XLMUSD QUICK UPDATE - Moon Slingshot In Progress...

In this video I give you a quick update "THE WAVES"

It''s no joke, this thing has PO tential.

So let's all gather round and observe with an open mouth, how far north it could go when most thought it would go south.

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...and if you find this analysis worthwhile and entertaining, you know what to do.

Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

Each video idea I post builds on the previous idea as I use AriasWave to try and navigate the waves in Crypto Markets.
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It doesn’t seem like anyone’s trying to cut there place in line to buy XLM right now. Going long is a gamble and not a good move right now.
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u are amateur trader. and u dont know nothing about cryptos or indicators..

just telling this...
SMA200 week 0.16-0.17$
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mfibbs FlowersFor
@FlowersFor, This is a tricky one. I’ve been thinking that this is an ending diagonal on the 4 hr as my opinion where wave 4 ended at $.293. For this to be true wave 5 would break the bottom of wave 3’s trend line bringing us down to the area your talking about. It’s just taking awhile to play out. There is no volume throughout all of this. Arias wave doesn’t understand that. If $.198 was the bottom we would have had a huge bullish engulfing candle with way more volume and way more Fomo on this wave.
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TheKnown mfibbs
@mfibbs, lol flowers isn’t thinking about any area, he picks one of the more recent ideas on Btc and Xlm and runs with them as fact in a blast of comments on every post for a week or two. About as flippant as the god of xlm Aroas Wave. Doubt this is bottom. If Btc pumps from here or drops from here alts will suffer in either event. Btc already gave alts a chance at their run. Once distribution/accumulation phases of Btc have completed market will either wash out or offer new entry opportunities. Right now you’re either holding through the pain, looking for a entry position in the future, or getting out of your position late
Tracking the unfolding of this zig-zag is an interesting & informative experience 😆 Let's go D!
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