XLM UPDATE - 2 Scenarios That Could Be Playing Out Here...

In this video I talk about the two possibilities that could be playing out here.

Firstly say that neither are bullish because we have not seen a new low made yet.

Either Wave D has ended and we are in Wave 5 OR we are still in Wave E of Wave 4.

All the details of what to look out for are in the video so please pay special attention to the examples and what they mean.

Please see all the previous related ideas linked below.

Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

Each video idea I post builds on the previous idea as I use AriasWave to try and navigate the waves in Crypto Markets.
Let's get one thing clear: AriasWave is NOT Elliott Wave

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Thanks for the update Mike. I believe we are still on wave 4 being prolonged (elon-gated lol) mainly due to USDT printing one billion just yesterday out of thin air, majority going to btc hence the dead cat bounce. They are literally delaying the fall until their postions are completed. They are actually shorting btc. Big squeeze coming soon.
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VajraV alejari
@alejari, tether is a scam destined to collapse. See lawsuit….
alejari VajraV
@VajraV, yeah. Good luck getting your money back from the Virgin islands lol
That's I think we need regulations. We are exposed to a lot of bigger risks besides the inherent risk in crypto itself. I only use usdc and coinbase for now at least they have some coverage for you as an user. Not perfect but hey it gets the job done. Binance is not far from usdt practices either.
VajraV alejari
@alejari, never owned tether. Got nothing offshore LOL don’t need regulations either. That’s asking the bankers to basically take over, crypto is for the people
@alejari, USDC seems like the best choice here indeed. However, if usdt bubble pops the entire crypto market goes down with it and xlm will not stop anywhere near 0.27. Of course you cant account for such events in TA and I dont think Ariaswave ' one more low analysis' is based on such event. For now the analysis of one more low in alts makes sense to me as I think btc dominance will hit resistance quite soon. After that initial btc deep dive, its price should stabilize and slowly drop as funds move to alts. USDT bubble burst type of situations will cause severe long term damage to any coin without exception in my opinion.
*Kanye hands up meme* incase someone follows the advice and looses their money
Great consistency and work on your posts! Thank you for a different perspective. Will you cover cardano again?
Having an alternative count for the minor waves is awesome, but so far, it's looking like this is already headed downtown. If we drop below the start of wave i today, a celebratory stream is warranted.
felixlucid felixlucid
@felixlucid,just dropped below the start of wave B @~ .03452