In depth look at continuation bull/bear flag structures/patterns

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Hello everyone:

Welcome back to another quick educational video on price action structures/patterns.

Today let's go deeper into the continuation correctional structure. Specifically, the continuation bull/ bear flag structure.

First it's important to understand that a bullish / bearish flag is a continuation correction.
They are representing a correctional phrase of the price action, before resuming the previous impulse phrase.
As price action traders, we must be able to identify what correction we are seeing.
This will allow you to get ahead and make your forecasting so you are prepare to any potential entries

Second, bullish / bearish flag correction will appear in any time frames, any markets, and in different sizes.
Typically a flag correction will have at least 2 swing highs and 2 swing lows and relatively even and proportion in angle or length.
They can be slightly slanted or very parallel to each other. Remember the market is not perfect, it wont always present us picture perfect, textbook structures.

Thirds, So its important to understand multi-time frame analysis, top down approach.
A LTF bullish / bearish flag may or may not have the potential to start taking off massively due to the higher time frame showing us a conflicting bias.
So its important to add as much confluence to your trade as possible.

As always, any questions, feedback or comments please let me know :)

See you all in my next weekly outlook stream.

Thank you
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what a massive movement for this one! always the best
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jojofang0901 TheSignalyst
@TheSignalyst, thx bud :)
Thanks for education sir
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@Sai_Kuze, your welcome :)
Thank you very much, excellent video, what is your projection for the coming days concerning XLM ? Thanks again.
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@zygfield, Continue to hold and wait for more LTF corrections
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great analysis bro
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jojofang0901 Fisher_Fx
@Fisher_Fx, thx bro :)
wow impressive information here, thanks for sharing
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@abel11, No problem glad to do so.