XLM in the coming weeks is going to disassociate from XRP

With the SEC lawsuit against XRP, XLM has tanked with XRP but in the coming weeks there is a big possibility that XLM starts drawing it own actions and take command for it own fate. The weekly support may get tested again depending on the possible sharp BTC correction. If BTC breaks new high records, it is also possible for XLM to try against a resistance close to 20 cents again, and if BTC sets for even higher record, we can expect XLM to target for an even higher FIB level at 30 cents.
Comment: XRP's suspension on exchanges and regression of BTC will cause more unexpected results with XLM price. The support is broken at 15 cents. We might test lower 4H trend at 12 cent. For now 12 cent support might be good enough but Stellar Foundation's actions will also affect the outcome in medium range.
Comment: So 12 cent support seems to hold but it important to keep in mind that there hasnt been a bitcoin correction yet. Lets see if we can push though 17 cent resistance and try for 20 cents. I believe 23 cent is not a real resistance so a new chart patterns will form.