XLMUSD UPDATE - Wave ii of Wave (C) Almost Complete

We need to see a break of the last low at the dotted magenta line in order to confirm Wave ii is complete on the XLMUSD chart.

In this video update I also touch on the XLMBTC charts which also seem to be in-line with and are also expected to make a new low.

Following the waves gives you peace of mind and helps you understand when to pull the trigger.

AriasWave keeps you updated simply via observing the repeating patterns that the markets create in order to be ahead of the crowd.

See all previous related XLM ideas below to understand how we got to this point.

Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

Each video idea I post builds on the previous idea as I use AriasWave to try and navigate the waves in Crypto Markets.
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Let's get one thing clear: AriasWave is NOT Elliott Wave

Learn to read the waves using AriasWave.

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