XLM the sweetest option


So if we are doing this mid October 17 fractal area idea and move it over to XLM it looks like this. And funnily enough it looks pretty bloody similar overall.

If ol Jed pulls this one off. Sheesh. I wouldnt underestimate him or the dynamic duo that is xrp/ xlm . but xlm is xrp without the shady shit. plus Jed has been harvesting all those unlimited xrp gains for the last bloody 10 years or whatever it is now. Dude is low key able to buy whole countries at this point.

I am loaded in case this happens. I've been wrong twice now on this one. 3rd times a charm baby.

Comment: i think we are the first yellow arrow
Comment: rise
Comment: ok should be launch time here...
Comment: must begin quite massive ascent nowish for this fractal to be still viable.

cmon now jed dont be a *$&% again.
Comment: looks to me like that whole top yellow arrow ledge on the left. same shape. though a bit muted as it has been this whole way up. might be a bit too dinosaur now. on the flip side its not like they have been doing nothing this whole time as a project. one of the few that actually has open corridors in action etc.
Comment: muted here, maybe muted on big pump to. so maybe only gets to 2.50 or something.