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What's up trader's, investors and delusional moon boyz! Here is another analysis on XLM . Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I wanted to get confirmation on a few things. If you have ever seen my other XLM analysis', you will notice that my bearish outlook was us finishing between $.12-$.20. As I look closer now, there is a huge chance that we could wick down to the $.12-$.13 area with the 200 day weekly MA being the target at $.16.2. Whew, if this happens, you better sell everything else you have in the stock market and move that $$ into XLM for this life changing trade. Trust me, the market isn't going anywhere, however XLM is. Or, you could make sure you have some cash free to gobble up bags of XLM! I would say that we are looking at minimum 200% profit in a very short time. At the time of writing this, XLM is about to do 1 of 2 things. Either hold at $.23 with a nasty wick going a little lower and knock out all the weak hands, therefore fooling the majority OR it will continue it's path down into the crypto abyss. I'm leaning towards the abyss, however this market is meant to fake us out and try to make us look stupid! The one thing that I can't understand from other analysts here on tradingview, is how can you say we are in a wave 3 right now when we cant even get a daily volume above 80 million? People are calling moon shot's, when everywhere you look there is a bear just chillin smoking a blunt! Sorry, but moon boyz kinda irritate me. Anyway, whatever happens here with XLM we will be prepared. I'm watching this closely to see if we can break this massive head and shoulders to the downside or fake out into a mini slingshot back to the upside. It should be interesting!! Good luck everyone and happy trading!!
Comment: Looks like a retest of the neckline! Sink or Swim for XLM at this time of writing. I know my plan. What's yours guys?? Good luck
Comment: So looks like it was a fake out that went both ways. I will be DCAing from here on out. I hope you guys didn’t jump in to early. It was indeed a retest of neckline that wicked pretty hard. If $19.8 breaks, down into the abyss we go.


May wick down to .12 as indicated below. Already hit my first target.
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mfibbs jaydee_757
@jaydee_757, Glad you hit your first target. I’d be careful though. We broke the neckline like butter and then had buys that almost pushed us through for a breakout at my time of writing this. I didn’t expect that, I expected people to buy at $.22 and get rejected at around 23.2 cents.instead we rose to the top of the channel way past the neckline. That was the fake out I was talking about. Let’s see what happens!
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I’m looking at .18-.13 to maximize more in my portfolio. Can’t wait
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FlowersFor Matthewsan

So u bought higher price... and trying now "maximize" or did u mean buying low, so u can lower avg price.

Lot of moon boys here who buy higher price..
Cryptos need only Patience+chart reading skills or whale who is a friend and tell u when to buy or sell... 😁
mfibbs FlowersFor
@FlowersFor, I'm already holding bags of XLM that I have at sub $.10. This analysis is simply telling you guys where and how the next move can happen. I'm not really making calls, just sharing what I think. So far, if you look at all my analysis on this coin, I've been pretty spot on, except for a speculative bullish gartley possibility up at $.31 where I only said it could be a possibility. I had other analysis when we were up above $.35 with a downward trajectory towards $.12-$.20. I dumped a ton of XLM up at $.58 and bought back and have been trading this coin on the swings. When I know we found a low I will go all in and add to my position for the next big medium term swing. So far,this move is looking like a fake out like I warned. The break of the head and shoulders should have a much lower target. We did exceed 80 mil volume overnight. If $.20 is the medium term bottom, I will let you guys know soon and confirm the fakeout.
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I agree, will go lower before going up. Might wick to $.12 indeed.
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According to this chart things could either go up or down, wow amazing insights there buddy. Why not flip the coin. With so much BS on your chart its no wonder your so confused. markets only have one possible outcome and clearly you have no idea which one is going to happen. Nice try but you have no idea.
mfibbs AriasWave
@AriasWave, Exactly, that's something you don't understand. Preparing traders to be successful by showing both views is my goal. It clearly gives buy zones and warns traders as to what could happen and how it could happen. It states where the bottom is and tells you how we will get there and even warns about a fake out. Are you that miserable that you can't see that. Did you see the head and shoulders? Did you call a fake out like I did? Do you have an open mind as to what's going on? No you don't, your too focused on your type 1 e waves on a five minute chart that tells us nothing. Keep the comments coming brother, I have at least 6 more analysis's to go through to respond to your horseshit comments!
That was very good stuff and information. Very good indeed!