BINANCE:XLMUSDT   Stellar / TetherUS
Stellar broke up this triangle📐 and I think there is chance for run to 0.943 and even higher. Just bought this local range breakout.XLM let's go!🚀
  • ENTRY: local high @ 0.370
  • SL: local low @ 0.319
  • TARGETS: 0.519, 0.610, 0.943
  • RRR: 2.9 TP1, 4.7 TP2, 11.3 TP3
  • INVALIDATION: when SL level hit

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⚠️Disclaimer: I'm not financial advisor. This is not a financial advice. Do your own due dilingence.
Trade closed: stop reached: SL hit. May be just shakeout. Monitoring further for potential re-entry.