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Hi, today we are going to talk about Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF and its current landscape.
The opioid crisis has been plaguing the U.S at the most for nearly two years now. With scary numbers like the record of 47,600* overdose deaths caused by opioids in 2017 but the number seems to start slowdown since 2018 were the war against opioids gained some traction.

In the justice field, some companies have already faced some sort of rebuke for involvement and even a bit of responsibility for the opioid crisis. For example

*Jun 2019, Insys Therapeutics Inc. had to file for bankruptcy after being convicted for conspiring to bribe doctors to increase opioid sales, ending up in a deal with the federal government of $225 million.

* Aug 2019, Johnson & Johnson was obligated to pay $572 Million, as Oklahoma ruled that the company intentionally played down the dangers and oversold the benefits of opioids.

* Oct 2019, Johnson & Johnson was once more condemned by two counties of Ohio to pay $20.4 million, with the accusation of having helped the opioid crisis to spread.

Now, that several healthcare companies are under investigation by the Federal Prosecutors in Brooklyn, into whether the company intentionally permitted that flood of opioids on the community. For now the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York it's just issuing subpoenas, but if they case sticks we might see what the murders of Julius Caesar saw, a pile of fire and anger from the people, so big that like Caesar butchers that were cast out of the city, the companies involved on this process can be drowned in liabilities and fines with the risk to be so badly damaged that may have the same fate of Insys Therapeutics Inc. and might hit this ETF that holds great exposure in the sector. The war against opioids it's just poised to grow up as every justice department across the country and every candidate that it's next to run on elections its eager to hang this trophy on the wall.

*Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC )

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