HONEYSWAP:XMOONWXDAI   Moons on xDai / Wrapped XDAI (0x1384d...756c4)
As you can see, we are in a downtrend for few weeks now, most likely accumulation phase.
We are starting to breakout out of this downtrend, remember that there’s low liquidity and the price can literally skyrocket.

Current Market Cap is about 3 Million $ which is super undervalued for 3.1 Million members community(And growing!), each member that join Reddit CryptoCurrency will get exposure to Moons. It’s matter of time before we sit at 600 Million - 2 Billion $ Market Cap which is 10-40$ for 1 Moon !!

Accumulate before Mainnet, only the smart investors will see this test net and lack of updates as an opportunity, if everyone knew that at X date the Mainnet will launch, all of the users will accumulate. Mainnet will come by surprise.

Kraken and Bittrex showed interest in listing Moons, Reddit built an Ethereum wallet in their App so users can store Moons.
No one is talking about Moons
It’s not enough for you to see what’s going on?

It’s a sleeping giant.