ZEC and XMR: Could they replace ETH, maybe BTC?

IvanLabrie Updated   
This is just an idea, very speculative one at that...seeing the ample discounts in $ZEC and $XMR, I started thinking that maybe, fundamental risks and technical challenges in the $ETH roadmap, and the $BTC scaling war could benefit these two coins in particular.
I'm putting them both as a highly speculative long idea here, you could accumulate gradually over time and hold, or watch them carefully, specially once $BTCUSD tops at 6900 or up to $9750 this year, before starting a bear market that can last 2 years, possibly. An alternative is a tight stop long, risking this to be the bottom, but you shouldn't risk more than 1% on it. I'd risk even smaller if going long. Buying a 1-2% allocation on each wouldn't kill anyone.

What is the general concensus here? I'll be doing more research on this subject, I think we might be on to something.
A few positives and negatives:

Negatives first:
  • ZEC so anon that supply numbers could be fake?
  • The BCN code they used to fork $XMR off could be suspect, maybe there is a problem with ring signatures?
  • Inflation in ZEC?
  • Developers aren't anonymous, unlike Satoshi...
  • ZEC has institutional backing

  • ZEC has ZK Snarks and finite supply of 21 million coins
  • Both are black market friendly/money laundering galore -for now?-
  • XMR community and development teams are solid.
  • ZEC development team is really solid.
  • ZEC has institutional backing
  • ETH killers, potentially both...POS is a big risk, unknown outcome.
  • BTC killers? Store of wealth could be fulfilled by ZEC easily, but inflation is a bit steep now. XMR, similar situation. Asic miners I think are a big problem in BTC, centralization risk when you can't compete freely on hashpower. Although this could change with new companies entering the space in Japan for example.
  • Dash sucks.
  • ETC sucks.
  • LTC sucks.

Feedback welcome,
Best of luck.

Ivan Labrie.
Interesting, after getting washed out, $XMR appears to have bottomed, there seems to be a flock to privacy focused coins...maybe big players fearing regulations.

I sold, will buy back on dips.

In ZEC atm.
I still can't believe I screwed up and did 2 XMRBTC charts...oh well, the write up was more important...Even more now, it's clear big players are in these waters.


Bought back my XMR, and added to both. Holding +- 10% between both, long term position, off exchange. Will add more gradually.

These will reward the patient...holding a 10% stake in each, long term, off exchange.

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