XMR - privacy vastly underrated !!!

POLONIEX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
Privacy is still very underrated in this growingly hyper transparent financial landscape !

MONERO is still the best and most well known privacy coin in the digital asset world.
Many people hove avoided this type of coins because of the impending danger of regulations.
However, there is a case to be made that such a coin will not only survive but thrive in an adverse surveillance type world...
In any case, XMR has a very good use case and has a place in every well balanced digital asset portfolio.

During the bear market it has lost 90% of its value relative to Bitcoin .
And besides the fact that in USD terms it has already touched its ATH ... relative to Bitcoin it is still down 80% from its ATH !!
In the upcoming Altseason it could be a top performer.

Like most Altcoins it has found its bottom in January 21. Since then it has outperformed Bitoin by 3 measures and has now cooled down a bit,
finding a very good support at 0.006 btc (or 1/167th of a Bitcoin ). Sitting at support it is also drawing a right shoulder of an inverse H&S formation (similarly to it prior bull run in 2017).

Some experts have argued that MONERO could one day become at least as valuable as Bitcoin !! (from the supply angle it is more scarce than Bitcoin ).

That is why I believe XMR Monero has a lot a potential in this pending Alt Bull Run !!