LONG XMR Fractal Turning Point for MONERO

General: The market ist resting and preparing for Bullish setups. Bullish on XMR USD and BTC -0.90% pair / Factal Pattern.

About the Fractal: This is a long Term analysis and am very konfident this pattern is going to play out. we currently finished the last zone and are heading into the first uptrend zone for Monero.

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BTC -0.90% / Bitcoin: 1GLr5xkEQonUBquXjLQWoxhT5BSxdTpkur
Comment: XMRUSD

Trade active: Defenately good chance we go higher from here. Volume is increasing rapidly each time we go to lover 0.16* levels. There is alot of resistnace and accumulation happening in those areas. As soon as selling motivation stops this will move up in full force the check Resistnace Levels of spring 2018.
Trade active: XMRUSD in supply zone. Going long on this and anticipating breakthrough MA200. If it gets there and finds support XMR will go higher to the target box.
Comment: Back to the XMRBTC Pair. We can clearly see another shortterm fractal to form. My guess is we might enter the blue zone from the bigger picture earlier than anticipated.

In this shortterm view we can see how it starts.