XMR / My (biased) review of Monero (XMR) - HODL!

KRAKEN:XMRUSD   Monero / U.S. Dollar
This is not trade advice.
I am completely biased.
I started mining monero 1-2 months ago, actually after a virus infected my computer with an XMR miner and it led me to investigate it!
Crazy story but I fell in love with this coin. It has EVERYTHING i believe a cryptocurrency should be.

Key points on this video:


- history
live since 2014
10x potential from where we are now
compare to btc we are 2x from its peak

- whitepaper
xmr is the "anonymous cryptocurrency"
untrackable, untraceable by design
tx fees are low (lower than eg XRP)
tx speeds are high (much higher than BTC!)
security is bulletproof

- decentralized
cpu mined, asic resistant (everyone can mine)
as monero is growing - it is becoming MORE decentralized (many other coins incl BTC are becoming MORE centralized)
51% attack "immunity"
adds to its anonymity and untraceability

- usage
replace XRP for cross-border payments (lower TX fees, faster TX speed)
>> XRP has ripple company behind it doing bizdev, XMR is community controlled
anonymous store of value
anonymous payments
privacy and security #1 coin
blockchain (cryptonight) lead developer for all other cn-based coins

- value
has held value better than other coins
great mining community
mining pools that mine other coins when xmr value dips below them in hashrate/ratio, to continually pump xmr value
dropped less than most other coins including btc in march crash
was not premined ( bitcoin , litecoin, monero, dogecoin are only major coins that were not premined)

- mining
block reward dynamic
block size dynamic
difficulty adjust every block