LARP Capital: Monero USD and The Baptism of Fire

ltc-joe Updated   
Monthly chart says we are going to ATH's within the next 3-7 months (July Inclusive) and ultimately it suggests some beyond wild price targets.

3d chart provides much more detail (The Baptism of Fire):

We will be going over it all in the coming months. Especially the XMR/BTC Ratio. I wanted to create a separate published idea to update on Monero so this is where I will be doing that (I created the chart about POW a few months back involving both Litecoin and Monero (can see Linked in Related Ideas). Updates on Litecoin will be under the Magic Juan'ed Idea. The two new darlings of the space : )

Stay Tuned th-ick-ity, th-ick-ity, th-at's all folks
-the beatiest of all
Small typo in the 3d chart, the Time calculations for waves B and C at the bottom both should say *x 0.618 (not x 1.618) ...good catch by mr. grepcatjuan
There is a good question to be asked here about elliot wave, and an even better answer.
XMR/BTC Ratio charts

...keep in mind this chart is both (informed by) and (helps inform) the subsequent 3d chart.
...still working on the efficacy/inverse efficacy labeling. Juan way to distinguish between the two would be have both e and i on the chart, and when inverse is in effect (lol pun intended) the order would be reversed: i-e. Another way (won-ky (Won-wei)) would be to keep the traditional order e-i from left to right but to flip the i upside down ((!) shown here).

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