Very bullish from this tweet:

"COMIT just got finished building out the initial protocol for atomic swaps, a trustless way to swap between #Bitcoin and #Monero, and now a Monero dev just built out a trustless, decentralized way to "pool mine" Exploding head" -@sethforprivacy

See chart. MACD looks very healthy.
Comment: The bullish case for Monero has never been stronger. Yet, Datamish shows us that short positions are exploding higher vs longs - twice as many shorts as longs.

This is unique to Monero. Every other crypto they list has longs far outnumbering shorts.

Are we missing something?
Comment: quote above from Monero Matteo
Comment: Potential future I see if some kind of squeeze occurs
Comment: If i was a betting man i'd bet XMR price is being pushed down by an unknown person or entity