----- Welcome, dear followers! -----
- Here is my trading methodology. I trade with a normal system and analysis of resistance and support, as well as price reversal patterns.
- For the record, I do not place a stop loss within my trades. So that I only risk 1.5% of my total capital in order to support the loss due to a price reversal against me.
- If a price reversed against my expectation and touched the drawn line r3, then I transferred targets to the entry point and waited for the price to close at it with a loss equal to almost zero.
- Today's deal is shown in the chart, and here are the entry and exit points below.
-- Support me with numbers and follow up on my account for other deals in the future. Thank you for coming to this part. --
⚡️⚡️ XMR/USDT ⚡️⚡️
Exchange: Binance Futures
Trade Type: Breakout (Short)
Leverage: Cross (1.0X)

Entry Orders:
1) 134.62 - 100.0% (48.94603 USDT)

Take-Profit Orders:
1) 123.62 - 80.0%
2) 112.21 - 19.999%

Trailing Configuration:
Stop: Breakeven -
Trigger: Target (1)