Current XMR resistence. Bullish if we can get to the other side.

KRAKEN:XMRXBT   Monero / Bitcoin
If XMR can break above this liquidity pool that it has been constantly touching and rebounding off of, we could get an ATH test.

The top of this resistance zone (grey) is the local high from the bull run from 3/2. Additionally, this top was tested again on 3/3 before price ran down to the current support zone around 0.0305. I have the bottom of this pool set at the highest close before price ran down to the bottom of this consolidation zone, where we seem to have found local support (blue).

If we can get a close above this resistence zone, XMR may be able to run up and test ATHs. If it gets rejected again, it will likely run down to the local support which seems to be established around .0305.

**The above should not be taken as financial advice.
Order cancelled: Price ran up and touched the top of the zone almost exactly and was rejected. We may see a retest of support down at the blue line. If that support holds I expect another test of this zone.