4th Dimensional Price-Square Completion on January 3rd, 2022

AMEX:XOP   SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Explor & Product
Using the bottom trendline, we can place a trendline along the top of the graph. Using the left-handed spiral time series in bars before each reversal area {11, 22, 33, 55}, presented in my past xop idea, and a harmonic starting before the crash and through the first two vectors, we find that the top and bottom of the trendlines at the next two time zones correspond to acceptable fib and fib derivations of the harmonic . We can see that if we add another bullish harmonic from A to E then there should be an extension of the harmonic up to G that is acceptable for that harmonic to work (See Pictures Below). Before my final step, I added vector AB to the origin price to find the top of the 4th-dimensional square created by the vector. Finally, Using a 1 to 4 wave trendline to find price at point 6, I added the final vector trading days to the overall time series trading days, multiplying the total trading days by the slope of the two points and adding that value to the origin price. You can see these final two steps below.

1. Price of 4th Dimensional Square created by V(AB) = A + V(AB) = 121.95

2. Price- Square Completion A-D Slope-Intercept:
i. Add V(DE) to time: 359 + 103 = 462 bars
ii. A + ( ( ( Ay-Dy ) / ( Ax-Dx ) ) * 462 bars ) = 29.25 + ( ( ( 29.25-81.02 ) / ( 0-258 ) ) * 462 ) = 121.95 on Jan 3rd, 2022.