EASY123 Prediction @MYX XOX

Prediction: Bottom Fish (Rally when it breaks 0.14 )
Target Price: R1=0.15-18, R2=0.22-25, R3=0.28-33
Support/Cut Loss: S1=0.10

*Trend direction: Bottom Rebound - Bottom Divergence
*Price moves strongly supported at 0.10 with Yellow-diamond observed on 30-Oct, an indication of the bottom signal.
*White-diamond has appeared on 19-Oct, an indication of the strong buying momentum.
*White-candle appeared on 19-Oct & 02-Nov, an indication of the turning point from the existing trend.

*Disclaimer: This is not a Buy or Sell suggestion but solely sharing the information...Trade at your own risk.
*Preference Strategy: Swing trading (Follow the BUY/SELL Signal respectively).
*Reminder TP & CL is an individual preference & decision. No fixed rule or guideline for it.
*If you are interested in our trading template. Feel free to drop us a message, we are happy to share with you.

Signal's Interpretation:
BUY Signal:-
*Green-Background = Uptrend
*BT-Yellow-Diamond = Bottom reversal signal.
*Green-Upward-Triangle = Potentially a Bottom signal.
*White-Diamond = Strong upward momentum accelerator.
*White-Candle = Turning point or a trend reversal.
*Yellow-Candle + Alert-Bell = Potential Price take-off area.

SELL Signal:-
*Red-Background = Downtrend.
*Red-Dot = Potentially a Top signal.
*Blue-Candle = Potential price selling off area.
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