XRP BTC long

We have so many resistance from up ahead, and the only couple supports from down.
There is a problem that big whale or even RIPLE management funding this price drop, as we see that constant sell-off coming again and again.
If we check lower TF like 5 min or even 1 min, we will see that the market manipulated by high trading bots.
What I see does not make me happy, as it means we may dive down with massive strength.
Why long, because there is a tight SL, we still keep a channel low TF uptrend.
Who does not have a position, wait for confirmation of bounce and enter with a tight SL.
I have a theory that this time will not be any of pumps and all will go slow upward as it was with Bitcoin . ANy resistance level breach and we keep going slowly and painfully, to throw out all passengers who enter on a short pump rocket.