XRP Explosive move on the way!!?

Taking a look at the XRPBTC pair as i said last time we look like we are repeating the big run up we had in early April, notice on both of the white circles we see long flat price action with our bollinger bands squeezing down hard onto us, these two stretches of price action looks very very similar so i took the fractal of when we ran up the first time and placed it on our current spot and already we are looking like we are following it, if this all follows along like i have it drawn out we can expect an atleast high of 0.00004730 SATS with a upswing of about 150%! The bollinger bands after volatility shrinking and bands squeezing down on us seem to have exploded to the upside just like we saw previously, we are currently riding the top band of the BB's and its only about the second candle of doing so, if we see this continue we could see multiple more candles ride up the top band brining us very nice gains. The MACD looks great with our histogram putting out bigger green bars and looking to have another bullish cycle, our Blue MA is pointing upwards and seems to be leaving the orange behind, the more and more separation of the MA's we see the more momentum and lesser chance of us getting a bearish cross for the time being. The RSI is just reaching the overbought zone but if momentum keeps going we could see the RSI hangout here for a bit more than likely till we see the little cooloff shown in the fractal , the biggest key here is that we have shot right through the RSI midline which will now act as support but more importantly we are in a confirmed uptrend if we can continue to hold this level! Very bullish on XRP it is a very solid and great project and even while the SEC is suppressing XRP we are still showing great strength, think about when the time comes that XRP is fully relisted across all major exchanges, that will bring a tsunami of momentum and also even just the relisting on coinbase will bring the famous "coinbase" pump, better to be in before that happens, Not financial advice just my opinion!!