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I will share my idea with you. But first you have to know im not trader i cant do technical analys. But i analyse ideas of top traders, made my own opinion and decision. I like more invest than short trade.

Ripple is in good condition. I like coin and tecnology so:

1. Google -0.31% . Main paige is allways marketing page. So get the people oppinion and fundamental
2. Check top traders analys
3. Make own opinion

Ripple go throug BTC -11.41% correction very well. On my folio Chart was only one coin on green zone. With nice and slow like now BTC -11.41% uptrend - should support XRP growth. I guess that 16% of profit with 8500 target is quite save. My Sell order is on 10400 and its my second target. But i think that isnt end of profit.

But...Even Warren Buffet can predict market movment...

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Comment: But...Even Warren Buffet can'T predict market movment...

sorry for that "can" :)