XRP – Ripple – is it about to explode? Here is what to do.

Hi Guys!

The time is tough. We know that.
We all struggle with negative emotions. We have to withstand that.

The good time is about to come.SOON.

When the global crisis comes we expect an influx of the money into the crypto market.

Check out our comparison SP500 dip and money influx into BTC.

It was the same when the banking crisis on Cyprus appeared. We observed a peak on the BTC price.
And the Republic of Cyprus is a really small country (1,2 mln people) so it couldn’t have a massive influence.

This time might be different. When investors in large countries such as USA, UK, Japan, South Korea struggle with another global financial crisis, they will look for a chance to earn money.

Cryptos are much undervalued now. It will be a natural way to invest in them.

XRP technical analysis details:

• The support lines are at 0.00006 and 0.00007 and 0.000077

Ichimoku Cloud -we are right underneath KijunSen (blue) and TenkanSen (red). The price chart can break them up rapidly.

Sentiment Zone Oscillator – we observe one of the lowest levels over 3 months.
Actually, this is time to buy. Look back on the history chart. It has 80% accuracy.

• Set your stop-loss on 0.000075

Don’t panic. Trade along with the market as it allows you to trade.
Set your stop-losses. Even 5 % profit is better than a loss.

Keep follow us in order not to miss the update.
Thank you for your time and reading.

WBM Team
Comment: GREAT! As predicted we have a nice bounce up.

Here is the update.

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