Ripple's XRP - 94% profit potential Go Big or Go Home!!!

This run doesn't look quite as strong as Dec/Jan, but there is good money to be made. XRP does typically wait until the last second to break out. You need to have patience to trade XRP. When it hits you need nerves of steel to hold it long enough. Then poof everyone sells. It brings down exchanges on the sheer volume of traffic. Given it's current progress in the descending triangle and poor markets typically Sunday/Monday morning, late Monday or Tuesday is my best estimate for break out. Catch it on the next dip, might be the last. It could take off early. If it dips after you buy that's okay. The main thing is get in before it launches.

Patience is key!!!

If you disagree or have some value you can add I'd appreciate a comment. This is just my opinion, don't consider it sound investment advice. It's just an idea... What we're doing here is placing educated bets and managing risk to increase our portfolios. Let's stack the deck in our favor as much as possible. It's a collaborative effort.