All Previous 1day 50ma bottoms on xrpbtc clue us in on next 1.

a look at the time between each 1day 50ma bottoming out on xrpbtc 1day chart 2015-now....1st one took 238 days, next 238 days as well which formed three 50ma bottoms each not as deep as the next which resulted in the biggest breakout ever against btc .... then 286 days to the next bottom followed by 278 days and finally we are currently at 256 days and the 50ma is already starting to curl its trajectory upward slightly this will be the 3rd 50ma bottom in a row with the gap between it and and the blue 200ma getting smaller and smaller on all three just like the last time we had a massive breakout run against btc ...should be another big one this time too if history continues to repeat.