Adding to the prevalent sentiment around here, I hereby declare a jump to some 10ksats (0.000105...). Whether you look at the moving average or the support line drawn on the chart, the result is the same. Every time the chart bumped into the support line we saw some jump. As noted by others, xrp showed a lot of resilience, so I don't expect the rate to drop below support.

I'm also a supporter of the cup and handle theory posted by others.

RSI shows oversold. MACD shows reversal soonish, I'm thinking 20th dec. Eventually the chart should surpass the initial 15ksats spike of september, but it could take weeks.
Comment: Well, well.
It started even sooner than I thought. I guess the BTC jumping accellerated the thing.

I'm still expecting at least 10k satoshis mark so if this little jump doesn't reach it, the following days will show enough growth to finish the job. On the other side, I still expect long term upward movement to much higher levels, say 15k sats.