XRP - Just Getting Started... (WEEKLY VIEW)

BINANCE:XRPPERP   XRP Perpetual Futures Contract
XRP is approaching a key level where we may see the biggest wave (wave 3). We are currently in an ABC correction with the C wave possibly finishing at the double bottom region at 0.5.

Trade Idea:
- Watch for bounce at the end of C wave at the double bottom area (0.5)
- When bullish price action appears, enter with stops below the recent lows
- Target $1.90 as first target. Actively manage the rest. If this scenario is correct, we can see XRP soar to levels of $3 and higher!

Please see chart update for Daily Timeframe .

Please note that this is loosely based on Elliot wave theory and the extensions are not to scale. Will update this chart regularly once price action appears.

Comment: Daily

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