Better to invest in XRP than Bitcoin

Better to invest in XRP than Bitcoin , one of the
STAR of the 2018 will be Ripple.
If we sad that it will go at 7 USD in February,hey would laugh you out for this saying,. for those that do not take risk watch and see for those that want to make the profit on ripple just jump with us .

We are a part of Closed community seek upgoing opportunity's and share it Amon you all

It's a bullish and bearsh up and down to the final destination 7.32 USD
but if you want to keep on holding it it's all so okey.

first support 1.77 stoplost at 1.30
second support 3 USD stop lost at 2.45
Third supoort 4.17 stop lost at 3.30 final detination 7.32