Whats next for XRP?

As volume increases and price rose due to XRapid news, being partnered with some major exchanges ( ie . Bittrex, Bitso, and coin. ph ) to help for liquidity purposes when Xrapid is finally flowing through out the banking system with cross border settlements. This is just a step a tiny step in the right direction hence price increase. I believe most of the increase came from Fomo and could retrace all the way back to levels of $.33, .322, or even ,.306. Then price will pick back up. Still in a bear market but its only here for so much longer. Im Long on XRP, obvisuly bullish and not looking to swing it at any price any more as within the next 6 months prices will not be this volatile with the use of XRapid being slowly used.
Comment: Two possible Patterns I thought about, one about before the Bittrex news, but price could trend below .30, but I do not suspect it to should. But this is crypto this is only for entertainment and education only!