How to trade XRP

1. Divergence: Look how the divergence method gives us a heads up every time in advance. When the divergence appears it is all about to find next breakout on the RSI trend lines . I've drawn arrows every time the method tells us to do an entry.

2. Counting legs: We are now about to complete leg C. This is also last time it rised rapidly (12 December 2017). This could give us a sign what is about to happen next ;)

3. Moving Average: 50MA made it through the 200MA some months ago (19 May This year). A good sign! Also, look how the same thing happend before 12 December 2017. It made it through before going back below again, and then ---> To the moon :D

4. Support: Since we now are very close to the bottom line there is almost to risk to make a long entry. The same bottom line appeared earlier before 12 December 2017.

Good luck!
Comment: Take off!


Nice job man¡¡ I went to the same process to check it, and alsa worth to metion, that once the Rsi goes above 40-41 its when the magic happens, let see¡¡ and also its worth to mention that during the prior times, Ripple didn´t have so many good news in the pocket¡¡
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Steffro DavidVillaraco
@DavidVillaraco, thanks man! Good analysis and also very promising to hear. Divergence is a very simple but also very powerful method. Let's see!