What you need to do in order to benefit from Crypto's main use case - making money is simple, if you are on TRadingview or a similar site with a feed with C.C.N., Nulltx , Benzinga , NewsBTC or another iteration of the same false programming is simple. Duct tape works, but you CAN expand the market depth view to cover these entities, so you don't see them. Their predictions have proven false 90% of the time, and after a year of writing about how traditional weights and measures do not, CANNOT apply to crypto, they have rolled out new toys like a "Confluence Detector."
I have rolled out a B.S. detector, and it's glowing when it see's said entities say ANYTHING. BY way of example, a headline reads EUR/USD action points to huge breakout for Bitcoin .
NO, it doesn't. Bitcoin is traded in many fiat currencies, arguably as much the Euro if not more than the dollar; furthermore it is paired with eth , LTC , XRP etc. et. al.
So...., fool me once- nice job, twice and I am an idiot.
Sensational headlines written by organizations controlled by big money are simply one more form of the price manipulation we deal with.
Last time i saw a headline read "BTC to hold at 4k," it lost 350 usd overnight; and that can be measured in Euro's, Yen, Krugerand lol; what have you.
Filter out the bullshit; learn your own system, observe- OBSERVE market cycles, correlate them with REAL news - the U.S. shutdown for example, but more than anything observe correlations with the indicators your site provides- whether it be Elder ray(especially useful tool), Elder Fischer transform, Adx /Dms , Coppock curve, ease of movement- simple and exponential , Chande forecast oscillator - all designed without crypto in mind, which is why on the face they dont apply, but with CORRELATION, OBSERVATION , AND CONVERGENCE , they can be MADE to apply.
Freedom of the press works both ways, so stop reading the Enquirer. It's bad for your risk capital.
Caveat Emptor; Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.