XRP is still ranging inside a wedge , which as we know will give at some point. I am still very bullish on XRP. The zone when I am expecting a huge break out just happens to fall in line with the new UK tax year, very interesting if this happens to play out.

I have set out my targets which I will be using as trading ranges both long and short. one final drop to the 0.30100 as marked would present a great long trade.

I am anticipating a huge break to the upside once this wedge breaks. I feel we have moved sideways for too long now and if crypto is as manipulated as I think it is someone will be wanting to take some profits soon, again probably into the next tax year.

A break straight to 0.33500 is my gut feeling, although 0.3270 could slow things down a little if people get cold feet. 0.3270 will come into play more as support on the consolidation I believe. A final push to 0.3475 will be my final T/P before some sideways movement.

Remember these are nothing but my guide lines, a move to the downside should not be ruled out and we always prepare for both outcomes, do not forget to see the wood for the tree's and be fixated on one outcome.

Safe trading people.