EPIC 85% Fall Since I Said XRP Could Go To ZERO! NO LIE!

MagicPoopCannon Updated   
Many of you may have forgotten, so let me refresh your memories. The last time I showed everyone a chart pattern that projected a fall to zero was on January 14th, with a chart titled "Will Ripple Crash To ZERO? ... Really" (linked below) That analysis primarily focused on the head and shoulders pattern on the chart, and the sheer size of it. When I analyzed the formation, I could see that it was large enough to EASILY produce a breakdown that could take XRP to zero dollars. So, what did I do? I reported it. That analysis drew EXTREME criticism from the entire community. "XRP to ZERO!? Magic is out of his mind. It won't fall below X dollars. That will NOT happen." etc. Keep in mind, much of the crypto community was calling for a rally to new all time highs at the time. So what ACTUALLY happened since then?

Looking at the chart, you can see that the day I posted about XRP falling to zero, it was trading at 1.82001. Today, it's at 0.27987. That's a loss of about 85% since my post. EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT! So how does that relate to today's analyses? Well, if you follow my BTC charts, you probably know that I've posted a chart that shows how BTC could actually fall to zero as well. I didn't say that it was ABSOLUTELY going to happen, I just showed that a technical formation exists on the BTC chart (descending triangle) that could produce a fall to zero. Much to no surprise, it has been met with the exact same unjust criticism that flooded my comment section when I called for a possible crash in XRP.

My point is that it's sooooo obvious that the crypto space is flooded with amateur investors who reject any possibility of their investments failing. Probably because they have all of their money tied up in crypto, and inside they can't handle the thought of it crumbling. So, instead of facing reality, they just watch their accounts dwindle over time. What I'm trying to show you, is that you need to check the facts before you turn a blind eye to danger signs. If you would have listened to me when I warned about XRP crashing, you would have saved yourself 85%. Better yet, you could have shorted XRP and made an enormous amount of money. So, don't be so sure of your investments. Always consider the worst case scenario. I'm not saying that the crypto markets are done forever, but many charts DO point to a catastrophic implosion — BTC being one of them.

In my opinion, XRP is forming the same descending triangle that we're seeing on the BTC analysis. If and when they break to the downside, that will likely be the nail in the coffin.

I'm the master of the charts, the professor, the legend, the king, and I go by the name of Magic! Au revoir.

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