XRP - How To Make Your First Half Million

Hello, boys and girls! The legend is back! - No, not XRP. Me.

It's fine if you don't know me. I usually go by another name that rhymes with Bitcoin and yeah, it could also mean you are probably new to crypto trading or the TradingView platform.

That's right! Why you were busy suckling pacifier, this legend was already making big bucks from financial markets. Even Peter Schiff won't admit he's the No.1 Goldbug when I'm around.

Well, today you're in luck! Why? That's because seeing my bullish XRP post is even rarer than catching a shiny Detective Pikachu.

A-HA! I see a dampened smile there and NO, why would I play that? - Suck it, Niantic!!! For banning my account! Damn, I had so many perfect IVs.

What did you say? You smiled not because I'm funny? Well, there's a Russian proverb that says ‘smiling with no reason is a sign of stupidity’. PEAK RESISTANCE.. Woo-hoo!!!

Alright, kids... who still live in your mama's basement - here's the deal! XRP is very bullish right now and I'm not bullshitting you!

How do I know? Basic trading 101. When you draw two lines connecting peaks and bottoms, and the result you get is a tilted Merlin's pointy hat (we legends call it a triangle), it usually means that.

See, you already learned something new from the legend and it's not even 5 minutes... Awesome, right? Now hit that LIKE button!!!

Back to XRP, what I see right now is an opportunity to trade the breakout. I'm not telling you or anyone to buy anything. You don't pay me and I'm not obligated to be your financial advisor nor am I one to start with. Posting on TradingView is like rubbing my ego... just like when I say trade the breakout, I don't mean buy after the price moves out of the upper triangle. I mean BUY it where it's at now and that's $1.09!

Yup, that's what legends do. We don't sit around and wait for opportunities. We make 'em!! What? You think the price would just go up to the upper triangle by itself? Without us, you won't get a breakout at all!

When do I sell? Do I hold until it's $5.00? Why do I often get these whimpy questions? - Let me tell you something, kiddo! Cryptos are like girls... or boys, depending on your taste, I don't care! The point is, some are great for one-night stand and some are great for bearing your children, washing your car or cleaning your home... and XRP is definitely a one-night stander! It's hot but unreliable. As a legendary scalper, all I do is scalp and I'm ready to scalp this baby when it gets to the R1 level. That means if I put in $1 million right now and sell it at R1, I would have $1.5 million - easy money, right?

Disclaimer: Not every Cryptoez post is by me. We have a few legendary traders in Cryptoez and I am just one of them. Who am I? - I'm B. Peace out!