A Look at XRP in The Short Term

Looking here at the short-term price action for XRP, we can see that after the recent explosion higher, XRP formed a clear pennant /symmetrical consolidation triangle (in blue.) From there, price broke down below the pennant , and rallied back up to the apex. We can now see that the apex has acted as resistance, and XRP has turned lower from that point. This is a textbook symmetrical triangle breakdown. Seeing XRP rally to the apex and then fail, is confirmation that lower prices are likely on the horizon in the short term. However, there is a hidden bullish divergence here on the 4 hour MACD . You can see that the MACD is forming lower lows, while price is forming higher lows (particularly regarding the lows of November 26th and December 9th.) At a minimum, I'm looking for price to retrace to the 0.44-0.45 level, which corresponds to the 61.8% retrace, as well as th 16% retrace of the 2015 bear market, which I've identified as an extremely important level in previous analyses. As you can see on the chart, those two levels are right on top of one another, right at the 0.45ish range. If that level breaks, I think XRP could experience a more significant decline, but as of now, I think that's the technical price level to watch. Overall, I believe this will likely be a short to medium term consolidation before we return to the upside.

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Thoughts around the airdrop snapshot in the next 24hours?
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@Marcious, sell the news..
because of the way XRP responds with BTC do you see the same formation with BTC?
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Don’t you mean a bearish divergence in the MACD? With lower-lows in MACD contrasting with higher-lows in price, I believe the theory is that this is predicting that price will follow the declining MACD trend.
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WineTrader888 Crypto-Swing
@Crypto-Swing, Yea he got it backwards LOL!
robinjumal WineTrader888
XRP just hit 0.47 monthly support, retested that and bounced right back up indicating very bullish momentum, here is my analysis

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I only see you appear in extremely bearish and short post. I’m neutral in this case, but an idea is an idea, which is worth a like!
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Thanks for sharing currently i am scalping from resistance from descending triangle. Here is my TA. <3
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Thank you, super
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