Taking a look at XRP where above you can see the Daily and 4 Hour Timeframes. Taking a look at the daily timeframe which again is on the left we can see that price has been very choppy and spiky. With XRP we see a lot more random spikes.

Price overall on the daily timeframe since February has shown some incline movement however over the last month or so price has been stuck within the 0.32000 resistance and 0.30300 support range showing upside and downside spikes to and from resistance and support.

Going down to the 4 Hour timeframe on the right we can see that pice currently looks although we could see a break of the ascending trend line however we would need to see a break of 0.30300 before confirming downside movement. Below the area of 0.30300 we have the support of 0.29700, a break of the 0.29700 support would lead this market back to the area of 0.28000.