XRP/USD LONG Set Up To $2.00 (HODL)

Support: $1.10/ $1. 05 / $1.00/ $0.9800/ $0.90-$0.88500/ $0.8200- $0.78500/ $0.7460/ $0.68500/ $0.64500-$0.62500

Resistance: $1.14/ $1.20/ $1.24650/ $1.3050/ $1.35/ $1.40-$1.42500/ $1.50/ $1.6450/ $1.70/ $1.76/ $1.86500-$1.88500/ $1.96-$2.00

The Ripple-affiliated XRP token has won another re-listing victory in Japan, where the coin will be made available for trading again on the TaoTao crypto exchange later this month.

Per an official announcement, TaoTao stated that the coin would be listed on September 22 following a period of maintenance. The firm added that in addition to spot trading, the coin would also “be available” for margin and leveraged trading.

Like many other international exchanges, a large number of Japanese trading platforms delisted or “temporarily suspended” XRP trading after the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought charges against Ripple executives, alleging that they had “knowingly” sold XRP as an “unregistered security.”

Ripple has hotly disputed this claim, and a protracted legal battle has ensued, with no sign of a victory or defeat forthcoming on either side.

But XRP adoption rates remain high in Japan, where Ripple’s presence has been boosted by its close association with the SBI Group, the Japanese financial conglomerate that owns TaoTao.

SBI bought TaoTao in 2020 from its business rival SoftBank’s Yahoo Japan . Earlier this month, it announced plans to merge the TaoTao platform with its own-branded SBI VC Trade crypto exchange. The latter already offers XRP trading