Xrp buy entry for those that missed the boat

If you have missed the entry in the .25-.50 range don’t panic buy at the top. Play this smart, whenever xrp becomes overextended it falls back to he 200 day moving average.(blue line) don’t let emotions get the best of you. I believe we will see another discount on xrp in the coming months. Patience is key in order to position yourself accordingly. For those already in it (myself) I will be holding long term and adding positions every time xrp and the 200 day meet up.


sure it will drop 1 dollar..
get tfo of here
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@ahos lol yeah unlikely let’s see but I highly doubt it price actions too strong
I do agree; anyway xrp will and need to test back someday to around .77. Could be a flashtest but it could also take a gradual decline
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@frankebizz, we actually won’t see .77 again, you have to understand that XRP was suppressed for like 3 years, it’s not coming back there
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@thirtythreebeats @frankebizz I really wish we could see it below $1 again most likely unlikely. Time will tell guys buckle up regardless look for that pull back to 200 day