XRP Bull Flag Forming, Targeting $2.20 Short Term

Yes I know, in my previous post concerning XRP I discussed a bull pennant formation forming on XRP.

That pennant officially broke down instead of up, which is always possible in any triangle formation.

However, now we seem to be forming a bull flag , which is essentially the same end result when it comes to how to measure price targets from it.

If we get a breakout UPWARD from the bull flag , expect a price target of at least $2.20 short term.

I believe this will continue higher if achieved, as XRP will be surpassing its high on the year of right about $2.00 even.

Another thing to note, we also technically closed August 27th with a bullish engulfing candle as well, which will play in favor for a breakout.

If we break down instead, expect strong support around the $0.83-0.84 cent range.

ONCE AGAIN, unfortunately all of this will still depend on if BTC dumps.

The correlation still exists at the moment, but I bet we see a decoupling for most crypto within a few years.

The SEC lawsuit coming to a close will send this thing flying, so it is extremely risky to not be in, in my opinion!