XRP Double Bottom & Ready for Takeoff!

XRP has been showing some nice strength recently even while being suppressed by the SEC, and if you think about it most average investors can't even buy XRP anymore which definitely hurts price action but none the less we seem to be getting some great momentum. XRP has rallied off of a double bottom and it looks like we are just getting started! We have smashed through key resistances like the red resistance line at almost 0.81 cents and we have passed both key pivot points , we are now faced with the R1 resistance we seem to be getting a little bit stuck here but we are slowly still making our way up! Looking at the bollinger bands todays candle has really been grabbing onto the top band and if we see a continuation of this we are going to see a huge climb upwards, keep in mind BTC is always a huge factor, if BTC falls the market tends to follow. A push up above this R1 resistance would place us in very bullish territory. The MACD looks absolutely fantastic with our blue MA reaching for the stars we are pushing up fast, we are starting to see good separation within the MA's which lessens the chance of us getting a bearish cross anytime soon. Looking at the histogram it looks like we could see another bullish wave coming, todays bar is of course green but has pushed up above many previous bars, definitely seeing some momentum for XRP which is very positive and i can't imagine the momentum we will gain once the SEC screws off and XRP trading is back on all major exchanges, and keep in mind if (when) the SEC's case is over XRP will be the first coin to get the famous coinbase pump twice! Not financial advice just my opinion!