XRP made its decision.. strongest rejection ever..

Alright y’all so the buy came out pretty short and seem hit the zone coverage of the downtrend resistance.
Bearish still and still strong.. since it had been already expanded to Europe and supported it. SEC settlement still going ( please update any good news or bad news down below the comments).
Big drop coming should expect visit back to the bottom and then new bottom zone for a long term buy.. 2023-2024 target is over $100. ( XRP could be the next Bitcoin ).

Even so we should be looking forward with the huge crash and collapse since FTX had been bankrupted and the owner of it had gotten arrested.. since the huge damage had already been done, as for Binance the largest crypto exchange In the world CZ deploys $1 billion to keep the crypto industry afloat since the FTX had happened.
Other hand good news binance grew recovery to $2 billion this is good news so we should see everything crash and on the way to its bottom.
As for the Feds let’s hope they won’t raise another high interest rate since the inflation still over 40 year high.. we are in a recession but the real one is coming in 2023.

Let’s see how the news affects also the court; how far XRP will drop and how low will it go, what is your buy zone prediction.

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