BTC takes hit , media and market manipulators

15 minutes ago I watched the price of Bitcoin rise 100 usd in a single flash on Tradeview. Arguably , this is to be expected , as the American session begins and reacts to the further losses incurred overnight. However , when the price is RISING , an article headline appearing in TRADEVIEW is really starting to make me wonder about the need for competent writers, big opinion disclaimers , and some sort of regulation against printing malicious, dangerous and most importantly INCORRECT information about the market.
It said in part, BTC /USD in death spiral as prices rapidly continue towards 5k. That might have been correct several hours ago - almost - but not 19 minutes ago , when this article describing today as "Doomsday," appeared in the headlines part of tradeview.
Freedom of the press, blah blah , what about fair and unbiased journalism??
Any chance the writer wants to sell and buy back in at 4k?? If so he is an idiot as 4k would be really damaging, just like the article.
There is also a massive opportunity to reclaim money lost with short trades of ripple.
Short trading Ripple can be VERY profitable using enough money , but must be done VERY carefully, using multiple signals and only buying in after the latest tank/bank round. It is working well because people are using this to gain there money back , and it works, as long as you buy in at the end of a big decline and update your stop frequently below if you cannot pay CLOSE attention.
I wouldn't go getting rid of your Bitcoin just yet. People are using derogatory terms, making negative predictions , and all of these things are natural given what just happened, but perhaps it was needed.
Bitcoin volatility had reached an all time low , and lets face it; people dont hold Bitcoin because they want a safe store of value - it is anything but safe , they hold it because they want to buy in early on the future of commerce, want the price to skyrocket BEYOND 20k, institutions are getting involved , and I tend to believe that this was done purposely to provide a good entry point for those institutions , and/or was necessary for a bull run.
Bitcoin was never meant to be a "safe store of value." Ask individuals who hold many BTC how safe they feel today.
Smart money sold and either pulled out , waited and bought back in at a lower price so as to own more , or took note that profit was possible, even yesterday , as I pointed out yesterday during the hysteria , with RIPPLE. Buy in after a sharp decline , with signals, and take profit modestly; be disciplined and it can be done.
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.
Caveat Emptor.

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