XRPUSD CHALLENGE 100$ to 18.900$ in a year

100$ to 18.900$ In a YEAR CHALLENGE

Im just a student and not financial advisor, if you are with me type in chat LETS GO :)

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Sorry man I thought I was the biggest XRP fanboy around and I believe that XRP can go to 10$ within this year - within some more time (months/years) MAYBE 100$. Still highly doubtful though.

But if you truly think that XRP can reach more than 1000$ (let alone 18.900) you are so utterly wrong and understand nothing about market capitalisation and supply and you should really consider to stop trading before you lose everyhting. No hate. I totally agree that XRP has a LOT of upwards potential in the future - but a 4- or even 5-figure value will absolutely not happen. Not in a year at least. That is 100% sure. A lot is possible in crypto. But this is not.
For comparison: A value of 18.900$ per XRP token would mean a market cap of 739 TRILLION USD.
All Stocks of NYSE (by far the largest Stock exchange worldwide) combined are worth 21,3 Trillion USD (as of June 2017). Let that sink in.
I thought ABC is in a downtrend and 12345 was an uptrend. Nice fork