Trading opportunity set up, XRP


I thought I would give you guys a little money making opportunity if you missed out before yesterday, no worries.

First trade opportunity: buy at 0.315 and sell at 0.324, which is 2.8% profit. Next target, 0.341.
Second trade opportunity: buy at 0.305 and sell at 0.315, which is 3.2% profit. Next target, 0.324

In both cases, you want to sell a part of your holdings at these target, move your stop lose into profit and let the rest run the next targets.

I kept it easy, this is more me just giving a free set up, so enjoy. Remember to enter your stop losses.
Don't forget, I am not a professional, taking this trade is at your risk, maybe this time look if I am right and if so, you can follow my next trdae set up (although I will not be giving free set ups that often, I am not here to run a signal group !
I am here to share my trades and point of view

Happy trading,
Have a nice day,
Piers Thackray
Trade closed: target reached: Boom target was met :) Sell a part of it, I personally did 70% and move stop losses into profit.
Trade closed: target reached: Next target of first trading opportunity was met, with ABSOLUTE precision, followed straight away by a pull back. Sign of a reversal, so I am guessing we will see our second trade opportunity come into play.
Trade closed: target reached: People I must say we are on a roll ! Every target was met as expected and, now we just assisted a huge melt down as expected ! Our target was met, and our take profit order is just waiting to be hit. To be honest the second trade I am less sure than the first one. How ever for now I will stick to prediction ans see how it plays out.
If I decide to take my trade out I will be sure to update you guys.
Trade closed manually: Ok, as this trade is more risky, I manually closed part of my position for 0.31013, which still is a profit so, all is good.
I moved my stop loss into profit and will wait and see if the targets will be met with the rest of my position.
I hope you all made profit thanks to this trade.
Have a great day.
Comment: The price action is crazy right now, very dangerous for trading. I took out the rest of my position out.