Ripple Bullish Continuation Price Action


Hi everyone:

Ripple has a clean bullish price action on the lower time frames, and is also align with the overall higher time frame bullish outlook as well.

We can see a strong HTF bullish impulse up move, and now the price is in a larger continuation correction structure.

With a few swing highs and lows, price made a double bottoms, and a bullish reversal out of the smaller, LTF descending channel .

Now that price has indeed impulse up, and formed LTF continuation correction, good to look for entries now to the top of the HTF correction.

Thank you
Comment: higher time frame:
Comment: Looking to see if price can continue and break upwards
Comment: Wait for further correction to scale in
Comment: Price break previous high now, expect further upside if there's bullish continuation price action.
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