⚡️Giving you guys that daily TA as per always, and whenever, wherever, however, I always manage to get a TA out to you guys so hopefully this can help you guys a bit.

⚡️Before we start and since this'll be a rather short and quick follow up TA for the most part let's look at that minute chart .

⚡️You can see how the chart demonstrates that we found support at 0.331, that in itself isn't too bad as we've managed to avoid coming back into contact with XRP's decision channel for the most part so far but stuff definitely ain't easy to deal with here. We haven't established that solid support at 0.331 so we can very likely still come down and hit that again where the next test would take place, and should we fail you'll have to look to that decision channel to figure whether or not we could be facing a bigger fall below or find that support we need and establish it in order to regain our footing and get back to climbing up.

⚡️Whales have basically been the ones pulling our rope up and helping us up the mountain, only to let go of the rope when we get close to the top and repeat the same, though the fact is with each and every fall we establish a higher and higher ledge, finding one to cling onto in the face of the things they throw at us with each fall, and ultimately, we'll make it up and even higher than them, and when they ask for us to help pull that rope up for them, you best bet we won't. Gonna leave the idea here for now but if you'd like to leave a like or follow it'd be much appreciated, simply doing my best as always so thank you so much and wishing nothing but the best!

~ Rock '


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